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Going To Trial To Compensate Our Clients

The Gogel Law Firm's legal team includes Jeremy A. Gogel, a former federal judicial law clerk and insurance defense attorney who quickly realized that his true calling was serving real people — not big insurance companies.

Because The Gogel Law Firm is led by a former federal judicial law clerk

and insurance defense attorney, we have a distinct advantage when going to trial.

First, an insurance defense attorney is specifically trained to make sure that a

plaintiff gets as little as possible. This is done by offering as little as possible to

settle your case early on. Ultimately, however, businesses and insurance companies

are scared to go to trial. The longer your case goes on in the litigation process, the

better your chances are of getting the compensation you deserve. As a former defense

attorney, Jeremy A. Gogel is NOT scared to go to trial unless the defendant is willing

to FULLY COMPENSATE you beforehand. 

Second, federal judicial law clerks are given unique insight into how the litigation process works, what judges think, and ultimately, what tactics work at trial, and what tactics don't. Because many attorneys may only go to trial occasionally, they don't get this type of insight. When we examine evidence, take depositions, consult with experts, negotiate with opposing counsel, and litigate in courtrooms throughout Missouri and Illinois, our experience is evident. Our past experience includes defense work, which gives added depth and strength to our case strategies. We always ensure that we are thoroughly prepared to fight for our clients, and achieve the best possible results for them. The bottom line is that our experience means we are always prepared to go to trial in order to get results for you.

Because we put our clients needs and desires ahead of our own, The Gogel Law Firm will always achieve the best possible results for our clients.

It never costs you anything to contact us for a consultation, so feel free to call or email us today.

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